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Biblia Portable is a software which includes the 1960 Reina Valera version of the Holy Bible, with the Old Testament and New Testament, from which you can check any verse or chapter quickly and easily.

The application has a simple and practical design, created to help you satisfy your religious curiosity in seconds. Just store it in a USB device, connect it to a computer, and open the drive. Once you open it, the well-designed interface will help you do the rest.

This version of the Holy Bible is the Reina Valera version from 1960, and just like the rest of the software available from 'Web de Recursos Cristianos,' it's free and was developed without any intention of monetary gain, because it is a spiritual text.

Biblia Portable is an ideal app for anyone who wants to always have a Bible around without the weight of carrying an actual book, which might cause a hernia. With Biblia Portable, you can keep the Bible in your pocket, stored on a pendrive.